Alireza Mahmoudi Kamelabad

Master Student of Cognitive Science(Language and Multimodal Interaction)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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I am into Art, which for me means creation. I play Setaar (a traditional Iranian Instrument) and I do Folk dance within a folk-dance group in Trento. Likewise, I enjoy poem and literature. And the beauty of poems are all the drawn images by written words. Surprisingly, I did my bachelor’s in Computer Science which sounds quite a contradiction. In the first glance, computers look spiritless and dead. Yet, there are some subjects sounding more artistic like animation and multimedia. However, I was more interested and focused on machines low level(hardware) part such as Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Digital Design, etc During studying Computer Science. Also as a programming language I used to code mostly in Assembly. Such a significant contradiction. But, in the deep side, I learned how we create a live entity literally from 0 and 1! Which for me means pure Art.

I was in the middle of my way in Computer Science that I felt this is not enough. It did not satisfy the need to know about the world around me. I searched for two years. I could feel the amazement and singularity of the world we are living it from the time I was in the high school. Finally, I found my way, Cognitive Science! I came up with humans brain as the most astonishing phenomenon and creation ever existed. Eventually, a prodigious ear-catching symphony reached my ears, The Language, which I literally fell in love with. The new adventure started in 2014 by listening to different languages. Thank to my bilingual family I could speak Persian and Azerbaijani as my mother tounges. To dance with the symphony, I decided to learn more and more languages. Interestingly, I realized that I know English, even without having any classes in it. So I entered to the world of Latin by studying Italian in Scuola Italiana di Tehran. The endless long journey was started.

A year passed. I came to this conclusion that I should perceive Italian in its ambient. And to make the dream of cognitive science come true, I applied for the master of science in cognitive science, in the the University of Trento(UNITN), Language and multi-modal Interaction. Unfortunately, they did not accept me because of lack of coherence between my background and this master. However, when you believe in a path, you do not surrender to fate, you make it. Same I did. I sticked to it and applied for something between my bachelor's and cognitive science, Human-Computer Interaction, to make a bridge, at least for my PhD. Or more likely to find a way to be part of the cognitive science society there.

I passed my first semester with honor (GPA 4/4). But I could not be far away of my true love. I decided to make it and I did. I applied again and I passed a course in it in my first semester just by studying it in a week by my own. And you can guess what happened. I got accepted with good results this time.

Now I am studying Cognitive Linguistics in the UNITN, Center for Mind/Brain Sciences(CIMEC). I am discovering the world of languages with different aspects. More specific in Computational Linguistics and Cognitive Linguistics. I am interested to go through Language Acquisition, and Psycho-Linguistics. By the end of this master I want to achieve a perfect knowledge of Linguistic and Brian aspects as an expertise in the field and I will try to do an admirable thesis.

My general plan for the future is to expand the aforementioned knowledge by doing a PhD in the same subject as my master and come up with some impressive achievements which can influence the world to be a better place. To give the opportunity to Human species to have more time to think and have spend their life in peace.

All beside, as a short biography I can say, I was born in southern range of the Alborz mountains. In such a big city with 12 million habitants. Apart from the usual heavy traffic and polluted air, and all the political problems, life goes on there. I have all my best memories there. Among my little lovely family in which I raised and the most important value my parents taught me was being respectful, to myself and then the world around me. My mother is a professor in Psychology in the university of Tehran, who inspired me to follow the science direction. My father is an engenieer graduated in Telecommunication. Iran's best university, Sharif University. Who I learned from devotion and how not to be selfish and spend resources such as time, wealth, health, etc. to help our belongings(which in the higher level is human kind society.)

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personal email: horotat[at sign]gmail[dot]com
Academic Email: a[dot]mahmoudikamelabad[at sign]studenti[dot]unitn[dot]it